Energy auditing comprises of variety of surveying techniques but commonly contains the analysis of energy usage within the building along with its contained equipment.

Energy audits can be ASFIRAE level I, II and III for conditional space and tactical energy surveys for industrial facilities. Audits can also include a decent number of energy efficiency measures from building and facility performance. It may also include financial analysis for each of the identified measure.

Energy audits can also make use of the Building Management Systems (BMS) to reduce the energy usage without creating any impact on the company’s regular practices.

At Double Square Solutions, we are into offering our support services to clients in reducing the water and electricity consumption which in-turn helps in reducing the operational costs of the project.

Our detailed audit report will come up with a review of energy used throughout the project and also the recommendations for electricity and water conservation that helps in the reduction of Green House Gas emissions.

Double Square Solutions offers some of the energy auditing services and they are as follows,

  • Review the lighting systems and controls.
  • Taking onsite measurements.
  • Studying potential opportunities for electricity and water conservation.
  • Interviewing the operational and maintenance personnel.
  • Reviewing the domestic hot water system.