Green Building Facilitation

  • Overall facilitation to obtain the rating from the desired certifying body.
  • Awareness on Green Building concepts and rating system for the project team.
  • Facilitate the project design team to select materials/equipment to meet the rating requirement.
  • Support in identifying vendors for the project to meet rating requirement.
  • Prepare and provide all necessary templates for the design team,so as to meet rating requirements .
  • Facilitate project team in preparing the documentation as stipulated by the certifying body.
  • The facilitation team will filter,cross validate,verify consistency,add value and consolidate to make the document suitable for submission to the certifying body .
  • Define the scope of work for the commissioning agency or the Energy Auditor, as required by the certifying body .
  • Scrutinize the documents before submission to the certifying body.
  • Provide inputs on previous criterion interpretation requests .
  • Through this facilitation process the project can achieve the desired Green Building Rating.