Specialised Simulation & Analysis

We, at Blue Crescent Engineering Specialised Simulation and Analysis offers advanced engineering solution for Acoustics, HVAC, Power, Oil & Gas domains. We add values to our clients by providing the following services which really helps our clients to acquire a good decision during the early stages of projects by averting any possible future foilmes.

We,Blue Crescent Engineering have collaborated with specialized service experts and providers to provide unique, feasible, cost effective, and environmental friendly solutions for our client’s challenges by adopting the advanced tools like Numerical Methods, Simulation Algorithm and Finite Element Method with remarkable ease.

The Key aspects of our Specialised Simulation and Analysis services includes,

  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Analysis
  • Piping Analysis (Fem)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Acoustic Study, Acoustic Analysis, Noise and Vibration Control

CFD Analysis

This most Advanced Simulation technology can apply in various stages of building design to make buildings better with regard to safety, energy efficiency, comfort and health. Some applications of CFD Analysis,

  • Temperature, Humidity and Velocity Simulation for Human Comfort
  • Smoke Simulations- Atrium Ventilation and Tunnel Ventilation
  • The are IAQ Simulations- Car park Ventilation and Mining Ventilation
  • Design Optimization for Cooling Towers and Diffusers in Thermal Storage Tanks
  • Optimization of Turbo Machineries, Simulation of Boilers and Steam Generators
  • Flow Simulation and Analysis in Mixing Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Erosion Tubes.
  • Fire Evacuation Modelling
  • Offshore Rig Wind and Wave Analysis ( mainly in Oil and Gas Sector)
  • CFD for oil and Gas Piping – Environmental Condition impact on Oil & Gas Process
  • Fuel Tank Sloshing Analysis

Piping Analysis

Finite Element Method along with aero-acoustic analysis is the tool used for doing the comprehensive piping network analysis. It is necessary to evaluate the mechanical behavior of the piping under regular loads (internal pressure and thermal stresses) as well under occasional and intermittent loading cases such as noise, expansion, seismic loads or earthquake, high wind of special vibration, and water hammer. As the Piping network is complicated due to fluid-structure coupling an organized study and Analysis is required considering all the dissemination’s. Some applications of Piping Analysis,

  • Thermal, Stress, Expansion and Seismic Analysis
  • Pulsation Analysis (mainly in Oil and Gas Sectors)
  • Surge Analysis
  • Flow Assurance Analysis (mainly in Oil and Gas Sectors)

Structural Analysis

Finite Element Method is the tool used to calculate the strength and failure properties of solids.The structures need to be designed based on the analysis of Material strength for various load conditions and simulation of stresses developed in structures for static and dynamic loads. Some applications of Structural Analysis,

  • Seismic Analysis includes,
    • Equivalent Static Analysis
    • Response Spectrum Analysis
    • Linear Dynamic Analysis
    • Non-Linear Static Analysis and
    • Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis
  • Vibration Isolation System Design Includes,
    • Design of Vibration isolators for Structures and heavy machineries
    • Design of shock mounts for equipments and structures
    • Design of foundation for buildings to improve resistance to earthquakes.
    • Design of foundation for buildings to improve resistance to earthquakes.


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Acoustic Study,Analysis,Noise and Vibration Control

Architectural and Engineering Acoustics

Our Acoustic services ranges from basic design support for individual residences to studies for major transportation systems, hotels, retail centers, offices, civic and condominium projects. Recommendations to achieve industry standards for acoustical performance by providing detailed report based on methods of standard engineering practices. We support our clients to achieve a comfortable atmosphere by providing feasible, cost effective and unique recommendations that is fully integrated to the design teams such as Architecture, Structure and Mechanical design.


  • Floating Floors
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Acoustic Barriers
  • Acoustic Doors
  • Inertia Bases
  • Sound Attenuators
  • Acoustic Louvers


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